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Remote Appointments

Full Consultation/Skype 

A full consultation on your overall health issues assessing diet, nutrition and emotional health. A summary of the consultation follows.

Follow-up /Skype

A follow up of the initial consultation.

Full Consultation

A full Bio-resonance consultation using the Genius software. Email us a head and shoulders photo and we will assess your entire health.


A follow-up of the full initial Bio-resonance health consultation.

Kids Zoom/Bio
Full Consultation/Bio

A full consultation on your overall health issues assessing diet, nutrition and emotional health. A summary of the consultation follows.

Kids Bio or Zoom Follow-up 

A follow-up of either the Initial Bio or zoom health consultation.



For people suffering from Candida Albicans, recurring thrush, IBS symptoms and most other associated digestive problems.

60 Capsules


‘Women’s herbs’ which are proven to assist against those dreaded symptoms experienced during the menopause years.


60 Capsules


Provides a broad spectrum range of plant derived digestive enzymes

90 Capsules

Natura Vitamin C+

Immune system support. Collagen formation and energy support, derived from fruits, berries and herbs.

60 Capsules


Helps restore and maintain tissue integrity of the digestive system to protect against leaky gut syndrome, food intolerance reactions etc

Max-flora ProBiotic

Tackles most digestive and intestinal system disorders with ease.

Why our own brand?

This clinic specialises in treating digestive and allergy issues, so it was essential to stock supplements that were free from additives and unnecessary fillers. Ideally we wanted to recommend a product range for our clients to buy, but we could not find a supplier that met our standards.  For example, the vast majority of supplements contain bulking and sugar-related additives, and are unsuitable for a person suffering from food intolerances. The Back2health Clinic range features supplements that are food-sourced and/or contain herbs. They do not contain any synthetic or additives whatsoever. Naturally, we have strived to keep the prices as competitive as possible.



The products we supply are from a trusted and mature UK manufacturer. All it’s products adhere to the UK standards for supplements. 

How do they work?

The supplements are complementary to the prescribed treatment and the long-term success is reliant on both.  For some clients the suggested dosage may be high, but this  is because some people need a high level of supplements over a short period of time to correct a long standing issue.

How much do I need?

This will depend on the severity of your personal health issues and how well you stick to the prescribed treatments. The results can often be seen very quickly but usually it takes a few months.

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