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Then you're in exactly the right place because I'm here to help. Having been through the ringer myself healthwise, I can categorically say that what I do works. And while it's not easy to explain how it works either, I have done my best to explain the therapies I practise. These are primarily NAET, Kinesiology, Diet and Nutrition, so you can understand how they can help you in the same way that they have probably saved my life and many others. If you're still in the dark or not sure if I can help please do get in touch on one of my free consultation calls - just book one under the appointments button on the right. I can bet my bottom dollar I can sort out whatever issue it is you are suffering with.

How does it work?

Depending on the issue in question I will muscle test using Kinesiology to choose the correct programme to suit. This may simply be a course of supplements together with a bespoke diet, through to a series of NAET treatments (for emotional or physical problems). The issues I consult on can literally be anything from food or environmental allergies - such as hayfever - to energy issues, hormonal problems, eczema, dermatitis, acne, gut issues to name just a few. Basically, people come and see me for absolutely everything.

How many visits?

This varies considerably. The main factors are age (children are usually quicker to sort out), the type of treatment, and the severity of the issue (chronic problems are usually more complex). We can usually give you a general time estimate following the initial consultation. If you want to find out exactly which supplements your body needs or what allergies or intolerances you have, I will be able to tell you that on the first visit.

How successful are the visits?

Please read our testimonials at the bottom of this page to see what our healthy, happy patients say.


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